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Hong Kong Rope Skipping Association, China was established in 1997. There are currently over 10 affiliated group members and over 1,700 individual members.

HKRSA has never deviated from its objectives to promote rope skipping to everyone in the community, schools, to nurture all elite rope skippers, and to develop rope skipping in Hong Kong, which includes: organize Schools and Community Promotional Programme, arrange Rope Skipping Demonstration and Performance, hold international and local competitions, etc. In the meanwhile, HKRSA is actively nurturing the rope skipping coaches and judges. There are currently 198 registered coaches and 106 registered judges.


Back in 1995, the Regional Council of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region invited the Department of Sports Science of the Chinese University of Hong Kong to form a rope skipping performance team showcasing the rope skipping skills on the Ninety Five International Fitness Challenge Day . The performance and demonstration received positive feedbacks which generating a good foundation for establishing our association consequently. Afterwards, Prof Amy HA Sau Ching and Dr. CHAN Wan Ka both established Hong Kong Rope Skipping Association, China (HKRSA),  they formed the Board of Directors and the 1st Executive Committees on September 1, 1997 followed by an inauguration ceremony. Meanwhile, HKRSA is honoured to have Mr. Benton CHEUNG Yan Lung, CBE, OStJ, JP acting as Honorary President, who leads HKRSA into a new milestone.

Since 2011/2012, HKRSA was officially recognized by the Leisure and Culture Services Department (LCSD) as the management organization of rope skipping. Up to now, HKRSA has been organizing numerous local rope skipping competitions, planning and promotions, such as:  All Hong Kong Inter-School Rope Skipping Competition and All Hong Kong Age Group Rope Skipping Competition under the subvention of LCSD.

HKRSA also strongly supports “Jump Rope for Heart” Event held by the Hong Kong College of Cardiology. There are 644 primary and secondary schools with over 1.1 million students participated in this program so far.

With the support of Home Affairs Bureau (HAB), Hong Kong College of Cardiology (HKCC), the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), Leisure and Culture Services Department (LCSD) and other organizations, HKRSA hosted two Asian Rope Skipping Championships in 2009 and 2019 respectively. HKRSA also co-organized the FISAC-IRSF World Rope Skipping Championships 2014 (WRSC 2014) with HKCC in Hong Kong in 2014.

Since 2004, HKRSA has been sending the Hong Kong Rope Skipping Delegation Team to participate in the World / Asian Championships annually. Our delegation team achieved excellent results in these Championships. Until 2019, our delegation team has won a total of 388 medals and 649 medals in the World Championships and Asian Championships respectively, breaking the World and Asian records and leading to very promising achievements.  Especially,  Mr. Timothy HO Chu Ting , who is one of our delegation team athletes and  won the title of “World Champion” twice and was awarded a Certificate of Commendation from the Secretary form Home Affairs in 2016 acknowledging his remarkable achievements in rope skipping. On the other hands, in 2017, Prof HA (President) received the title of “Leader of the Year” on behalf of HKRSA and the award was presented by Sing Tao News Corporation Limited which is one of the popular newspaper media in Hong Kong. This award highly recognized HKRSA for its outstanding contributions towards the Hong Kong sports industry for its success and prosperity. HKRSA is not only focusing on the achievements in Rope Skipping Championships, but also the development and quality of its Association.

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For the promotion, education and research activities relating to rope skipping and living healthily, HKRSA will continue to promote rope skipping in Hong Kong extensively by organizing the following activities:

  • To organize various rope skipping technical seminars, rope skipping day camp and training classes.

  • To share the skills and knowledge of rope skipping with the sports teachers in primary and secondary schools, so that they could teach the students how to do rope skipping at school correctly, publish books and videos on rope skipping techniques.

  • To promote and organize local and district rope skipping competitions.

  • To assist in raising the level of rope skipping in Hong Kong and strengthen the exchange among  the rope skippers from Asia, Europe and the United States.

  • To nurture elite rope skippers to take part in the international and Asian rope skipping Championships.

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