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「Foundation Certificate in Sports Coaching Theory」 (Round 3)

Foundation Certificate in Sports Coaching Theory

Jockey Club "Jump Rope Together!" Rope Skipping Scheme is now launched. This programme is funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charity Trust. In addition to promoting rope skipping in primary, secondary schools and communities in Hong Kong, it also provides subsidies for enrolling in sports-related professional courses for HKRSA rope skipping coaches. After completing the course, the coach can get most of the subvention for the course.


Purposes / Aims

I) Covers basic theoretical knowledge about sports coaching, coach management, and sports science.

II) Applies the knowledge and skills learned in the course to actual coaching through internships.

III) Prepare for the future employment of coaches and continuous learning.


Application Requirements


I. Suitable for Advanced Coach & Intermediate Coach: 

•         HKRSA registered coach 

•         Advanced / Intermediate Rope Skipping Coach Level 

•         Minimum 2 years experience in coaching rope skipping 

•         Previous contribution to HKRSA preferred 


II. Suitable for Elementary Coach: 

•         HKRSA registered coach 

•         Elementary Rope Skipping Coach Level 

•         Minimum 2 years experience in coaching rope skipping 

•         Full Time or Part Time Coach

•         Enclose Recommendation Letter of HKRSA Affiliated Member, Observation Member and Group Member 


Eligible Persons: [The Order of Priority is as follows]
• Coach of the 3rd Batch Hong Kong Jockey Club 'Jump Rope Together' Rope Skipping Program (will be given priority)
• Coach of the 1st & 2nd Batch Hong Kong Jockey Club 'Jump Rope Together' Rope Skipping Program
* Advanced, Intermediate, and Elementary Coaches of HKRSA who are effectively Registered 

(* If the coach is accepted by HKRSA to enroll in this course, he/she must provide 15-20 hours of teaching/service for the HKRSA

    rope skipping program, course, or activity.)

Subvention Amounts#:

Course Fee: HKD $8,000

• Advanced Coach: HKD $6,400 (80% of course fee)
• Intermediate Coach & Elementary Coach: HKD $5,600 (70% of course fee)

  (#: Subvention will be provided after completed the course and fulfilled the requirements 15 - 20 hours coaching in 3 weeks.

Application Method:

Step [ 1 ] Apply for subvention from HKRSA - Application Closed

       • Please email to

       • Email Subject: 預先申請報名「運動教練理論基礎證書」課程 - (Full name in Chinese)

       • Please attach your CV and state your reasons for enrolment

Step [ 2 ] Review the applications by HKRSA, application results will be announced after the deadline.

Step [ 3 ] Submit  the course application to HKSI by HKRSA - Application Closed

Other Requirements:

Provide 15 - 20 hours coaching in workshops / training classes of HKJC Programme

(Hourly rate: HKD $380 and 5% MPF contributed by HKRSA)



Application Fee HKD $200 on coaches' own expenses

HKRSA will provide subvention to eligible coaches. Regarding the latest status on COVID-19,  the courses may use E-learning Mode


If you are interested, please send us an email to for further information. Or visit the website of Hong Kong Coaching Committee for details:

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