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Sexual Conviction Record Check

      According to the LCSD's recommendation to sports associations, the Hong Kong Police Force implemented the "Sexual Conviction Record Check" mechanism on December 1, 2011 in order to protect the children and mentally incapacitated persons (MIPs) from sexual abuse. This scheme serves to help employers assess the suitability of eligible applicants and check whether eligible applicants have any criminal conviction records against a specified list of sexual offences. The prospective employees / probable service providers are requested to provide a sexual conviction record check.


       At HKRSA Special AGM on 3rd April 2019, HKRSA remined the rope skipping coaches and members that try to avoid being alone with the athletes in same / opposite gender. HKRSA also emphasized that HKRSA will never be concealed if there are any sexual offences.

       Rope skipping coaches teaching the rope skipping classes at HKRSA must submit the proof of “Sexual Conviction Record Check” two weeks before the class starts. Otherwise the coach will not be allowed to teach the above classes. (HKRSA will not be responsible for reminding the coach to apply).

       About the “Sexual Conviction Record Check” mechanism, please visit the Police Force Department Website


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